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SLAYER - South Of Heaven


Sello: Def Jam


SLAYER, one of the so-called "Big 4" of Thrash Metal. Native to Southern California. After three creations that planted the seeds of Thash Metal, including the great "Reign In Blood", Tom Araya (Bass), Kerry King (Guitar), Jeff Hanneman (Guitar) and Dave Lombardo (drums), would deliver their fourth album, released July 5, 1988. Recorded in Los Angeles on Def Jam Records, produced by Rick Rubin and the group, featuring a Larry Carrol cover. The Lp follows the path of his previous works and maintains its lacerating sound and lyrics with a dark essence, raw messages and introverted, withdrawn and somber tendencies.

Color vinyl for this edition of "South of heaven", probably Slayer's last great album from the '80s.

A1 South Of Heaven

A2 Silent Scream

A3 Live Undead

A4 Behind The Crooked Cross

A5 Mandatory Suicide

B1 Ghosts Of War

B2 Read Between The Lies

B3 Cleanse The Soul

B4 Dissident Aggressor

B5 Spill The Blood



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