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FUSILES, LOS - Victoriosa


Sello: Family Spree


After his acclaimed debut album "Who writes to the Colonel?" (2019), which was so well received by the general public and the specialized press (fifth best album in Spanish of 2019 by Ruta 66), Los Fusiles once again insist with its well-known formula that, among its ingredients, includes punk spirit, Pop sensibility and the toughest rock'n'roll muscle.

"Victorious" is made up of ten tracks where we can check the diversity of registers, all of them uniformed by the traditional lyric of their lyrics in Spanish and their Stonian guitars, making Los Fusiles one of the best rock'n'roll bands. country shape. Because there is no doubt that the texts of the songs of Los Fusiles are a fundamental part of his work, fulfilling a function of chroniclers of the time that we have to live, from the daily and popular. In this sense, in "Victorious" the individual (love, heartbreak, longing, frustration, desire and resentment) coexists with the collective (pandemic, hope, socioeconomic crisis and the pessimism and rage that results from verifying the correlation of forces between people and the system).

Musically, "Victorious" is largely an album that continues the path started with "Who writes the Colonel?" in which the melodies continue to have a special importance. In this way, the album opens with the theme that gives the album its name, this first cut being the quintessence of Los Fusiles more lyrical. Classic rockanroles ("Pasen", "María Dolores" and "Leather jacket"), the semi-acoustic and folk "Girl with clear eyes" and punk anthems ("El Olvidao", "Pasacalle en la ciudad" and La Reclamation ") give I move on to more personal and introspective songs like “Tu Sueño” or “Primero Izquierdo”.

Worthy heirs of the best Spanish rock'n'roll, Los Fusiles vindicate bands like Burning, Tequila, Los Enemigos or Gabinete Caligari. On the Anglo-Saxon side they drink directly from groups like The Rolling Stones or The Clash.

A1 Victoriosa

A2 Pasen

A3 El Olvidao

A4 María Dolores

A5 Primero Izquierdo

B1 Pasacalle En La Ciudad

B2 Chaqueta De Piel

B3 Chica De Ojos Claros

B4 La Reclamación

B5 Tu Sueño



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