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EATER - Outside View/You


Sello: Munster records


1977 debut single by this 16-year-old band of college boys from London who made the Sex Pistols look old by their side.

First reissue of this great example of early punk "three chords".

“One night we could hang out with the Clash, around London, attending posh music industry parties, meeting our pop stars, talking about punk, sipping speed, and hooking up with girls, much (and in some cases, MUCH) older than We. And the next morning we were back at school, throwing paper airplanes at the teacher. It was a wonderful double life. "

Andy Blade, excerpt from 'Vacant' (Thames & Hudson 1999).

They were formed in November 1976, with an average age of 16, in Finchley, London and were named after a lyric from a T-Rex song "Tyrannosaurus Rex - eater of cars". They became famous when a boy, 14-year-old Dee Generate, joined the band to replace the original drummer.

Eater opened for the Damned at the Roxy and the Damned returned the favor by playing at the school Eater attended in Finchley, and only soft drinks could be served! They played very loud and strong, mixing original compositions and covers (eg accelerated adaptations of Velvet Underground songs) like Alice Cooper's 'Eighteen', which they renamed 'Fifteen'. They symbolized the fun spirit and laugh of punk.

A Outside View

B You




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