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BACHS, THE - Out Of The Bachs


Sello: Out-Sider


60s garage-psych moody monster! Out of The Bachs was originally released in 1968 as a private pressing of 150 copies; it's one of the rarest USA '60s garage/teenbeat albums ever. The band consisted of five young kids from Chicago, regulars at local teen dances, who decided to release an album for their fans before splitting up. Recorded and mixed in just ten hours at a makeshift studio, Out of The Bachs offers 12 amazing self-penned songs with a sound ahead of its time. Pure teenage-angst vocals, crashing Rickenbackers, fuzz outbursts, killer moody tracks... Sadly, all previous reissues of the album failed to capture the true sound of the original, until the Time-Lag label reissued it in 2011 with remastered sound from a pristine original vinyl copy. This reissue uses the same audio master as the out-of-print Time-Lag edition. File next to The Rising Storm, The Fantastic Dee-Jays, The Savages. Includes insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos.
1. You're Mine
2. Pleasure of Your Company
3. Free Fall
4. I See Her
5. My Independence Day
6. Minister to a Mind Diseased
7. Tables of Grass Fields
8. Show Me That You Want to Go Home
9. Sitting
10. Nevermore
11. Answer to Yesterday
12. I'm a Little Boy




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