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WARSAW PAKT - Lorraine/Dogfight


Sello: Munster records


Warsaw Pakt favored a high-revving formula with hard-boiled street-smart lyrics delivered quick and cool against super-charged Chuck Berry guitar licks, a modus operandi much like the MC5 circa “Back in the USA”, but with a vibe that was more attuned to the pubs and squats of their native London’s Ladbroke Grove. Though given a punk rock paint job, the sound is redolent with the fumes of high-octane British R&B, a dead giveaway of their roots, as The Rockets.Their LP “Needle Time” (recently reissued on Munster) stands as one of the most authentic documents of the lean, visceral sound of London punk rock in 1977.The songs included on this single are earlier studio versions of two of the best tracks included on “Needle Time” and cast similar energy levels to the shown on stage. The fast and furious ‘Lorraine’ was recorded at Milner Sound in Fulham Road (August 1977) with the band’s first drummer Wolf Marlander. ‘Dogfight’ -on the flip- belongs to their first recording session that took place at the Island Records studio a month earlier.


A Lorraine

B Dogfight



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