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VV.AA. - Turn To Stone Vol.3


Sello: Astray Records


A collection of 16 rare, obscure and cool 1964-68 US local garage/psych 45s offering a mix of straight ahead boss garage rock, snotty punkers, thrilling teen coolness and spooky and trippy punkadelic 45s. 95% of all tracks compiled for the first time. LP is painstakingly remastered and comes with a cool full coloured cover offering label reprints on the back.

A1. James Bond & the Agents - Wild Angel

A2. Pirates - Cuttin Out

A3. Madison Revue - Sad And Blue

A4. Nomads - I Really Do

A5. Paper Menagerie - Left Up To You

A6. Local Traffic - Second Century

A7. Creepers - Elizabeth

A8. Rovin Flames - Gloria

B1. Beau Gents - Big Black Machine

B2. Joey Day - The Chase

B3. Argons - Do The Dog

B4. Conlon & The Crawlers - You're Comin On

B5. Emeralds - Like Father Like Son

B6. Laughing Kind - I Could Have Showed You The Way

B7. Magical Mist - Time Out To Fly

B8. Fourth Amendment - I See The Light



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