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VV.AA. - High In The Mid Sixties Vol.6: Michigan Part 2


Sello: AIP records


A spin-off of the Pebbles series, Highs in the Mid Sixties assembles yet more rare garage rock recordings, the difference being that each volume focuses upon a city or region such as Los Angeles, Texas, or Michigan. This does provide a public service of sorts by assembling and reissuing hordes of rare singles that would be impossible for any one individual to acquire on his or her own. Is a compilation album in the Highs in the Mid-Sixties series, featuring recordings that were released in Michigan. The all-female band The Pleasure Seekers – pictured on the cover – feature Suzi Quatro (along with three of her sisters), who had later fame as both a rock musician and an actress on Happy Days. Blues Co. on this album is the same band as the Blues Company on Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 5. Bobby Fuller's version of "Wine Wine Wine" is included on Pebbles, Volume 2. Friday at the Hideout is also the name of a compilation album of Detroit-area garage rock that was released in 2001 on Norton Records, featuring many of these bands and several of the tracks.

A1 Yorkshires - And You're Mine

A2 The Underdogs - Friday At The Hideout

A3 Jimmy Gilbert - Believe What I Say

A4 Jimmy Gilbert - So Together We'll Live

A5 The 4 Of Us - I Feel A Whole Lot Better

A6 The Masters Of Stonehouse - If You Treat Me Bad Again

A7 Renegades V - Wine Wine Wine

A8 The Bossmen - Fever Of Love

B1 Blues Co. - Love Machine

B2 The Blokes - All American Girl

B3 The Underdogs - Don't Pretend

B4 The Chosen Few - It Just Don't Rhyme

B5 The Bed Of Roses - Hate

B6 The Chocolate Pickles - Hey You

B7 The Pleasure Seekers - Never Thought You'd Leave Me

B8 Blues Co. - She's Gone



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