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VV.AA. - High In The Mid Sixties Vol.10: Wisconsin


Sello: AIP records


A spin-off of the Pebbles series, Highs in the Mid Sixties assembles yet more rare garage rock recordings, the difference being that each volume focuses upon a city or region such as Los Angeles, Texas, or Michigan. This does provide a public service of sorts by assembling and reissuing hordes of rare singles that would be impossible for any one individual to acquire on his or her own. Is a compilation album in the Highs in the Mid-Sixties series, featuring recordings that were released in Wisconsin.

A1 The Shag - Stop And Listen

A2 The Wanderer's Rest - The Boat That I Row

A3 The Young Savages - The Invaders Are Coming

A4 The Faros - I'm Cryin'

A5 Lord Beverly Moss & The Mossmen - Please Please What's The Matter

A6 The Noblemen - Dirty Robber

A7 The Hinge - Come On Up

B1 Jack & The Beanstalks - Don't Bug Me

B2 Jack & The Beanstalks - So Many Times

B3 The Trodden Path - Don't Follow Me

B4 Joey Gee & The Come-Ons - She's Mean

B5 The Deverons - On The Road Again

B6 The Love Society - You Know How I Feel (And Why)

B7 Rehabilitation Cruise - I Don't Care What They Say



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