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VV.AA. - Fuzz, Flaykes, & Shakes Vol. 1: 60 Miles High


Sello: Particles


Volume One focuses on the freakier side of the US teen garage explosion with 18 lysergically frosted delights. Although composed of a series of (not even) one hit wonders, the music on this album is amazingly good. In some of the songs, you can hear shades of more famous sixties groups. If you can accept that, there's not a bad song on it. The music is upbeat and quite entertaining. lim.ed handnumbered ! The original release 1999 on the Bacchus label is now a high wanted collectable , now here again !Be fast!

A1 The Glass Sun - I Can See The Light

A2 The Shags - Breathe In My Ear

A3 Band Of Wynand - Day-time, Nite-time

A4 The Odyssey - Little Boy, Little Girl

A5 Time Of Your Life - Ode To A Bad Dream

A6 The Thyme - Somehow

A7 The Countdown 5 - Speculation

A8 The Midnight Snack - Mister Time

A9 The Society - High And Mighty

B1 The Search - Climate

B2 The Rites - Things

B3 The Gregorians - Dialated Eyes

B4 The Palace Guard - Greed

B5 The Soul Inc. - 60 Miles High

B6 The Magic Mushrooms - Let The Rain Be Me

B7 Bedpost Oracle - The Break Of Dawn

B8 The Stained Glass - A Scene In Between

B9 The Humane Society - Eternal Prison



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