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VV.AA. - The Beat From 20,000 Garages Volume Three

RAVE 20216

Sello: Raving Pop Blast!


Volume THREE of the 'Rebels' series. Bringing together bands from around the world with a healthy DIY attitude, Garage, Pop-Psych, R&B, Freakbeat, Indie, Punk...it doesn't really matter what you call them. It's just Rock And Roll Music, played with passion.

The modern day 'Alternative' music scene is currently all ghastly 'wanna be on Jools Holland's TV show' 'we're so serious, that we can't have tunes or melodies' bollocks. Or 'quirky' "Look at us, Aren't we just a bit weird" rubbish that will be forgotten in 2 years time.

Geezers with trousers too short for their legs and woman with 'that' voice...Aaaaaarrrahhhh PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE MAKE IT STOP!!!!

Well we're doing our best to show you that there is more to Independent music than what these horrible 'Image over music' indie/major labels are forcing you to believe is the only 'alternative' on offer.

You get the choice, you can embrace the 'Beggar's Banquets' and others of that ilk, or you can say "NO, I demand better" and buy REAL independent music. Played with passion, and guts, and soul. And NOT AFRAID to embrace the tunes and the melody!!!

It's your choice. You can make the right one, or the wrong one...

I can promise you, although I won't be around to see it, in 50 years from now, these REBELS LP's will still be being LOVED. Because quality never goes out of style.

Any Profits from the sale of the 'Rebels' LP series, are donated to various different charities.

A1 Diablo & The Vampires Of Fuzz - Troubled Man

A2 The Emergency Stairs - Just Let Me Be

A3 The Basements - Out Of My Mind

A4 Lord Diabolik - Ne Juge Pas

A5 The Fadeaways - Come Back Louie

A6 Lancashire Bombers - I Left Her Crying

A7 The Total Rejection - Gravy (7 Mix)

A8 Louis Hillsloop - You Know I'm A Dog

B1 Groovy Uncle - Start All Over Again

B2 The Thunderbeats - (Hey!) Don't Talk To Me!

B3 Kiss Boom Bah - Out Of Our Tree

B4 Teenage Cavegirl - Teenage Cavegirl

B5 JB & The Jay Jays - Pickled Beat Route

B6 The Ace - Love Looks Good

B7 The Earls Of Satan - Shake It On Down

B8 The Naives - No One But You