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VIBRAVOID - 2001 The Archive Collection


Sello: Stoned Karma


3LP re-release of the original 8 track debut album.25 bonus tracks Random colour viny, limited of 400 copies, including 28-pages booklet. Vibravoid invite you to the ultimate time travel to another world, that of the 1990s !! For the 30th anniversary of Vibravoid, the band classic "2001" from 2000 is now being released as "2001 - The Archive Collection" with unpublished recordings from 1990-1996. Everyone should have heard the album "2001" once, and if you haven't heard of it, you can be sure that it is a top current album by an equally up-to-date band. Everything that was hip and trendy in rock in the last 20 years can be found on "2001", right up to the record mentioned. The spectrum of the album is almost insane, if it weren't for just as brilliant, kraut, psychedelic, acid, garage rock, pop and experimental, electro and ethno designed as a broad-based expansion of consciousness in the hardest stereo sound!....


A1 Just 13

A2 Lovely Lady Deb O`Nair

A3 Mystery Ship

A4 Psychodrome

A5 Wokboy

B6 Ballspeaker

B7 Inside The Electric Mind

B8 Tascam Mantra

B9 Three Minutes For A Free Tibet

The Intended 1994 Album

C10 Genesis Of Dreams

C11 Marihuana

C12 Pictures From The Looking Glass

C13 Prime Noctis

C14 The Endless Task

D15 Free Alice D.

D16 Adjustment

D17 Mystery Ship

D18 Solar Discharge

D19 The Orange Coat

D20 Mindphaser

E21 Psychodrome

E22 Lovely Lady Deb O'Nair

E23 The Other Side

E24 Acid People

E25 Elevation

E26 Rainwards

F27 I Wanna Be Your Dog

F28 T.R.I.P.

F29 Knocking On Heaven'S Door

F30 Fuzzpunker

F31 No Clown

F32 Hashbury Remains

F33 Welcome To Pepperland

F34 Sick Creation (Instrumental)




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