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TOTEM - Descarga


Sello: Little Butterfly


Little Butterfly Records present a reissue of the second album by Totem, Descarga, originally released in 1972 and one of the most important bands in Uruguay's musical history. The Spanish word "descarga" in a literal sense can refer to several things: lighten charge (material or emotional), make a violent blow, fire a firearm, receive an electric shock, among others. But from 1972 Totem gives to "descarga" a soundful meaning, where it is possible to hear the protest of a country on the brink of collapse, the guitar riffs reminiscing to bands like El Kinto and the psychedelia with the smell of the sea invoked by the "lonjas". This album was the meeting of six pairs of hands tanned by jamming for long hours at night, which together temper and give personality to a style for export. For almost half a century these songs have rested placidly in the grooves of Descarga. Little Butterfly Records awakens them in a deluxe reissue, to put back in rotation an essential record of Uruguayan history and "descargar" once again the ancient sounds of the true Candombe beat. 140 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve with insert.


A1 Heloísa

A2 Orejas

A3 Manos

A4 Pacífico

A5 Todo Mal

B1 Negro

B2 Mi Alcoba

B3 Un Sueño Para Gonzalo

B4 Descarga



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