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TOMMY RAY! - First Hits Free


Sello: Grube aus der Mulltonne


The long awaited First Hits Free by Tommy Ray! is not quite a Cry! record. But it is a solo album from The Cry!'s lead singer and primary songwriter.Musically, First Hits Free has more of the power pop feel of the first Cry! album vs. the glam-punk vibes of Dangerous Game. Even when he's writing about very serious subject matter (which he frequently does on this album), Ray has a knack for wrapping it all up in these irresistible pop hooks. First Hits Free is very much in The Cry!'s patented style of '70s power pop and punk by way of the timeless melodies of '60s rock and roll. But it definitely feels like a solo project.While rawer than both Cry! long players, this full-length debut from Tommy Ray! ought to delight anyone who loved those albums. Ray's style of singing and songwriting is instantly familiar, and if anything he has refined and grown his talents over the last six years!!

A1 Ain´t No Use

A2 Life Goes On

A3 Good Luv - Gone South

A4 Hey Susanne

A5 Coming Back

A6 Take A Chance

B1 Voices

B2 Tuesdays Girl

B3 No Better

B4 Trouble

B5 Bored & Young



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