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Sello: Estrus


OK Slim, it's time ta pull those chopsticks outta yer ass and slap on the outta control rock n'roll assault of the TEENGENERATE "Smash Hits!" LP/CD!15 doses of revved-up and raw punk fury culled from Fink & Co's unrelenting kamikaze barrage of 7" buzz bombs released on various labels over the past couple o' years...only the best of the best from Japan's undisputed garage/punk overlords,TEENGENERATE! A fast and furious firebomb of feedback and thunder tailor made for your next dragstrip showdown or house wreckin' party! So, give those worn out singles a rest...back over yer radio,redline yer tach. and get ready to smash it up with TEENGENERATE "Smash Hits!"

A1 Get Me Back

A2 Wild Weekend

A3 Just Head

A4 Gonna Feel Alright

A5 Midnight To Six Man

A6 Sex Cow

A7 Savage

A8 Tore Me Apart

B1 Grown Up Wrong

B2 Talk Talk Talk Talk

B3 Let's Get Hurt

B4 She's A Dumb

B5 Don't Come Close To Me

B6 I Don't Mind

B7 Burn My Eye



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