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SWEET REAPER - Closer Still


Sello: Alien Snatch


The ' Reaper will get you! SWEET REAPER are THE Californian three-piece and "Closer Still" evokes a cemetary fuzz beast riding previous unseen waves when the end is near. That beach monster has some WIPERS/RAMONE genes, but the thriving bass lines of Danny and Sasha (MASSENGER) booming drums of LOFI-ness are utter deadly tentacles turning around you when veteran singer/guitarist Seth Petterson piercing, exploding vocals will poison you like snake-bites. The insanely loud dark-out-of-the-tomb down-tuned punk sound with one of most devilish catchy howled-out vocals the record is the resurgence of the infection we got with the HEX DISPENSERS first record. As if this is not devastating enough, the witch brewage puts them right next to some more mighty monsters, Seth write and sing overwhelming pop punk hymns which we´ve only heard by RADIOACTIVITY's Jeff lately ( "Faster Getaway", "Sad Eyes") and they sweep skate parks with SPITS-y stompers like "Living Hell" or "S X C". Top ten record of 2020 contender from ALIEN SNATCH! If we go surfing, it´s gonne be a SWEET REAPER surfboard - killer artwork by the band! This album hit us like a brick on lockdown, such an shredding diy gem and a true aural offering of the ALIEN SNATCH! U.F.O League. Remarkable first vinyl by SWEET REAPER, surely not the last!


A1 Sidewalk Psycho

A2 Car Crash

A3 Pleasure

A4 Dead Man

A5 Faster Getaway

A6 Same Nightmare

B1 Sad Eyes

B2 Cooler

B3 Living Hell

B4 Take You There

B5 S X C




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