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SUMMERS, LOS - Cometieron un error


Sello: Clifford records


LOS SUMMERS return with their best collection of songs with Committed a mistake, a loud and urgent album, in which they play all their usual styles, showing this time even more inspired.

In the twelve cuts of the album, the people from Almeria dispatch top-notch material, going from the Ramón pildorazos that they do like no one else, to dramatic mid-times, through Yey dances and jumping and absolutely contagious melodic developments.

The opening to new nuances is striking, such as easy listening strokes in the harmonies and instrumental bridges, the introduction of horns at specific moments or, at the other extreme, the inclusion of a garage theme such as “La Bomba” or the summer anthem “ Our summer ”, with a hardcore tempo, sounding like a steamroller. They also recover the healthy habit of including a Christmas song at the end of the album, as they did on their debut album a few years ago.

In his texts, the usual, but as never…. Luminous and existential songs that speak of farewells, longings, summers of love, doors that close, windows that open, sea breeze…. with simple structures, although rich in intention and depth ... perhaps, if possible, being especially wise when it comes to finding the devastating nuance.

The new LOS SUMMERS error also has luxury collaborations in especially brilliant moments of the album, such as Reverend Vinny, from Los Malinches and Galleta Piluda, to Farfisa, the quintessential Spanish crooner, Freddie Dilevi, and his amazing voice, or Beto FANTA, who is the author of one of the songs on the album. We cannot forget the beautiful design of Adrián Bago, with amazing comics and illustrations, which stand out even more against the red incarnation of the vinyl that Clifford Records has marked

A1 Verano En Bélmez

A2 Avance Informativo

A3 Tu Gato

A4 Dragones

A5 La Bomba

A6 Canción Triste De Navidad

B1 Me Tengo Que Marchar

B2 Un Momento Complicado

B3 El Error

B4 1, 2, 3? Splash!!

B5 Nuestro Verano

B6 Volveré



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