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STRENGSBREW - I Donít Need Myself


Sello: Chaputa records


Strengsbrew are a talented, charismatic and seasoned (yet not too old), four-piece band hailing from the twin rock capitols of the world (Stockholm, Sweden and Queens, New York). Formed in 2019 this quartet of musicians produces a sound that is so distinctive and unique, so heavy, driving, and melodic, that you can’t help but rock out as they totally dominate the mid-trans-atlantic music scene while completely redefining the global image of multi-cultural ethnic-rock music today, creating a unique niche within the harder edges of radio rock an’ roll.


Not content to ride on the star-studded coattails of The Hellacopters and the stardom of garage rock legends The Fleshtones, Strengsbrew are opening people’s minds with their driving, emotion-filled music in a unique, unprecedented package. Much like Lee Hazelwood, Sevendust and Hootie and the Blowfish have all changed the face of rock, Strengsbrew – with several members who are American-born, but living in Scandinavia – are poised to prove that music is, indeed, the one true universal language (in a changing new world where music seems to be erasing all existing racial boundaries). With its lineup solidified, Strengsbrew have ignited Scandinavia with their crisp, pop-sensible driving anthems alongside a loyal following of music lovers both young and young at heart.


For their debut 7 inch vinyl on Chaputa! label Strengsbrew recorded two songs. I Don’t Need Myself and Be Myself Again show an introspection, mental-progression and refinement in style and technique that continues to develop and grow. Strengsbrew’s debut single will capture you in purest form and force you to believe and understand this super-pro yet young at heart band. Their unmistakable charisma, catchy riffs, and sing-along melodies have propelled Strengsbrew to the spotlight with support from a radio station in legendary Cleveland, Ohio and their first single must be a hit as their fans chanted them straight to the biggest, most venerated stage in Stockholm.



KEITH STRENG (The Fleshtones)

ROBERT ERIKSSON (The Hellacopters)

MANS MANSON (The Maggots)

JIM HENEGHAN (The Solution)


A I Don’t Need Myself

B Be Myself Again



Para escuchar el disco y más información, visita la página.

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