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ROYAL HANGMEN - Hanged, Drowned & Quartered


Sello: CopaseDisques


Here it comes..the NEW album by THE ROYAL HANGMEN. Y-E-A-H!!!

This is a dangerous band. Let’s make this long story as short and sweet as possible, ok? So... One dark night in the middle of Switzerland, this band came crawling out of their Rock and Roll cave in search of new sound. Kind of like Zombies looking for brains, these Royal Hangmen were bloodthirsty for sound. So these drunks steal a car and drive straight out of Zurich. They were on a one way ride to hell, northbound and knackered on the autobahn heading directly to the world famous YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! recording studio in Hamburg. Germany. And just after drinking every last drop in that town (with a quick stop to the Reeperbahn), the band started setting up for their session. And only taking a few hours of perfecting and crafting their unique equipment, The Royal Hangmen finally got what they came for: THE NOW-SOUND! And lucky for you my friend, you are about to hear this exciting Garage-Beat.

A1 Ridin' High

A2 I Think It's A Storm

A3 Howlin' For You

A4 Grooveadelic

A5 Step Out Of The Dark

B1 The Sweetest Girl

B2 Ain't Walking A Line

B3 Stay

B4 You're On My Mind

B5 Go Away Baby

B6 Feed The Monkey




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