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Sello: Citadel


¡Finally available again!

Living Eyes is the product of three weeks at Rockfield Studios in Wales, during a break in the action of the 1978 tour of Britain and Europe. The band stoically did its best in the studio, even though relations between members were falling apart and total disintegration was imminent. Deniz feels now that accepting the role of producer was a mistake. But again, tension probably worked to advantage, yielding hard edged and compelling, albeit bitter, performances.

These initial releases suffered from the fact that, with the band's breakup from Sire happening prior to this recording, the responsibility for paying the studio as well as the ownership of the master was unclear. The true master tape was never obtained by the band, these albums being cut from an inferior tape dub of trial mixes. The sound quality, while marginally acceptable, was a source of grief for the band until 1995, when Red Eye's John Foy retrieved the master tapes from Rockfield and the album was finally remixed and mastered properly.


A1 More Fun

A2 T.P.B.R. Combo

A3 455 SD

A4 Do The Movin' Change

A5 I 94

A6 Iskender Time

A7 Burn My Eye '78

B1 Time To Fall

B2 Smith And Wesson Blues

B3 Crying Sun

B4 Breaks My Heart

B5 Alone In The Endzone

B6 Hanging On





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