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NICKELS & DIMES - Nickels & Dimes


Sello: Distortions


Unreleased 60s garage from Camden, New Jersey best known for having the highest crime rate in the USA. What has remained unknown is that between the years 1967-1968, a garage band called Nickels & Dimes recorded a nine song 33 RPM acetate album of original, pure 1960's garage rock tunes. Unheard of for over 40 years, the entire unreleased LP has been released for the first

time on vinyl - the way it was originally intended. Included in the album, is four additional songs of moody, reverbed originals from 1966 by the earlier incarnation of the band when they were known as the Savoys. This LP includes 13 songs, liner notes, rare photos of the group and insert with detailed liner notes by garage-rock expert, David L. Brown.

A1 Nickels And Dimes - Nickels And Dimes

A2 Nickels And Dimes - Lost In The World

A3 Nickels And Dimes - What's Wrong In My Mind

A4 Nickels And Dimes - Save The Tiger

A5 Nickels And Dimes - Let's Get Stoned

A6 Nickels And Dimes - Got No Time

A7 Nickels And Dimes - Changes

B1 Nickels And Dimes - Nickels And Dimes #2

B2 Nickels And Dimes - Core Of The Apple

B3 Savoys - Only So Much

B4 Savoys - Got To Say Goodbye

B5 Savoys - Story Of Love

B6 Savoys - Make Me Cry

B7 Savoys - Savoys Rehersal



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