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MONSTERS, THE - You're Class I'm Trash


Sello: Voodoo Rhythm

LP + 7"

Nestled centrally within landlocked Switzerland is the quaint town of Bern, a place where world leaders regularly meet, 12th century medieval architecture gracefully intersects modern designs, and the location where Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was originated. Class is a term synonymous with this town given its historical and cultural heritage but in the case of the chainsaw-on-steel sound of legendary Bernese garage punks, The Monsters, class is an irrelevant term to them. Thanks to COVID-19, the touring life of this Bernese super trash machine was put on halt and they used their newfound time to write and record the apocalyptic, hi-speed-boogie-fuzz-garage-trash-rock-n-roll songs you have in your hands here. A new album wasn’t enough for the quartet during the year; they were also contracted by Swiss film composer Mario Batkovic to assist in the soundtrack composition of a small horror opera, which will soon be announced.

Holding on to everything weird, wild, and wonderful they stumbled across along the way, what came out the other side was this raw and eclectic collection of ferocious Garage stompers ("Stranger To Me", "Electrobike Asshole"), groovy Trash explosions ("Carpool Lane"), just plain insanity, fragile little gems like “Yellow Snow Drink”, and lots more. It has traffic jams, harpsichords, under 120 words of lyrics, and NO overdubs, so what else could anyone possibly ask for? With “You’re Class, I’m Trash”, The MONSTERS have managed to deliver an album that makes no sense, yet perfect sense at the same time. And it’s great!

A1 Gimme Germs

A2 Smell My Tongue

A3 Carpool Lane

A4 Dead

A5 Stranger To Me

A6 Blasphemy

B1 Yellow Snow Drink

B2 Electrobike Asshole

B3 Get Drunk On You

B4 I Love You

B5 Devil Baby

B6 My Down Is Your Up

B7 Dead (Mortem Batkovic)

C Gimme Germs (Live)

D You're Class I'm Trash



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