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THE MONOCHROME SET - Strange Boutique

TAPETE 5150541

Sello: Tapete


The Monochrome Set were a unique band in the first throes of the post-punk scene. They took the energy of punk’s initial rush and used it for their own effervescent purposes.


Instead of going down the doomy bass-led route of some of their contemporaries, they chose chiming guitars, individualist rhythms that borrowed from all genres and clever, ironic lyrics, delivered in singer Bid‘s mellifluous, knowing tones. They formed in 1978 and were well known around the scene, to a point where Max from Rema Rema borrowed equipment from them. Signing to the happening Dindisc label, Strange Boutique was released in 1980 and shone like a beacon through the industrial clatter of other releases of the time.





1. The Monochrome Set (I Presume)

2. The Lighter Side Of Dating

3. Expresso

4. The Puerto Rican Fence Climber

5. Tomorrow Will Be Too Long

6. Martians Go Home

7. Love Goes Down The Drain

8. Ici Les Enfants

9. The Etcetera Stroll

10. Goodbye Joe

11. The Strange Boutique





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