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MIRAGE, THE - You Canít Be Serious 66-68


Sello: Guerssen


With one foot in the harmony beat-pop of the Hollies and other in the early psychedelic pop experimentation of Revolver era Beatles and Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, The Mirage left behind a string of 45s and unreleased studio recordings, a selection of which is presented here for the first time on LP.

Featuring UK psych classics like “The Wedding Of Ramona Blair”, “Hold On”, “Ebanazeer Beaver”, “Mrs Busby” and many more!

Includes four-page insert with rare photos / memorabilia and detailed liner notes by Stefan Granados

The Mirage were a quintet from Hertfordshire, England, formed in 1965.

Fuelled by two gifted songwriters (Ray Glynn & David Hynes), they were soon recruited by Dick James (music publisher of the Beatles and the Hollies) as session musicians. Allan Clarke and Graham Nash from the Hollies were so impressed with them, that they took them under their wings, helping them to get a deal with CBS.

Between 1965 and 1968, the Mirage released and self-produced seven singles for different labels (CBS, Phillips, Page One…), including titles like “The Wedding of Ramona Blair” (pure psych-pop perfection, included on Rubble in the 80s), “Hold On” (a mod-psych classic), “Tomorrow Never Knows” (a surprising cover released at the same time as Revolver, thanks to their Dick James connection), “You Can’t Be Serious” and more.

But they also recorded lot of stuff that never saw the light of day at the time. These unissued songs run the gamut from magical Hollies inspired harmony pop (“Gone To Your Head”, “What Do I Care”, “I Want Love”…) to pure psychedelic pop, highly influenced by early Pink Floyd and Revolver era Beatles: “Lazy Man”, “Ebaneezer Beaver”, “Mrs Busby”…some of these tracks were included in the 90s on famous bootlegs like “Artifacts From The Psychedelic Dungeon” but now it’s the first time they’re all collected on a legit vinyl compilation, making “You Can’t Be Serious: 1966-1968”, the missing album The Mirage could have released at the time and a must for any UK psych aficionado.


Side 1:

A1. The Wedding of Ramona Blair (Phillips BF 1571) 1967

A2. Ebaneezer Beaver (Unissued) 1968

A3. Hello Enid (Unissued) 1968

A4. Mrs Busby (Unissued) 1967

A5. Hold On (Phillips BF 1554) 1967

A6. I Want Love (Unissued) 1966

A7. Lazy Man (Unissued Alternate Version) 1967

A8. I See the Rain (Unissued) 1968


Side 2:

A1. You Can’t Be Serious (Phillips BF 1534) 1966

A2. Gone To Your Head (Unissued) 1966

A3. What Do I care (Unissued) 1968

A4. One More Time (Unissued) 1966

A5. That I Know (Unissued) 1966

A6. Is Anybody Home (Unissued) 1967

A7. Can You Hear Me (Phillips BF 1554) 1967

A8. Tomorrow Never Knows (Phillips BF 1534) 1966



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