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JOHN'S CHILDREN - There's An Eye In The Sky

EARS 167

Sello: Easy Action


John's Children were proto-punk pests who made The Who seem like Peter, Paul and Mary in the behaviour stakes. They only made one album and all their singles all failed to chart but they were acknowledged more after they split up aided and abetted by the fact that one of their number (a certain Sir Marc Bolan) had become the elfin star of glam-rock.

A1 The Love I Thought I'd Found

A2 Strange Affair

A3 Just What You Want - Just What You'll Get

A4 But She's Mine

A5 Desdemona

A6 Remember Thomas A Becket

A7 Midsummer Night's Scene

A8 Sara, Crazy Child

B1 Come And Play With Me In The Garden

B2 Go-Go Girl

B3 Jagged Time Lapse

B4 Mustang Ford

B5 Not The Sort Of Girl You Take To Bed

B6 Sally Was An Angel (Vocal)

B7 Hippy Gumbo

B8 Midsummer Night's Scene



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