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HYMANS, THE - A Great Nite For A Burglary


Sello: Fandango records


The Hymans started as a trio in 1984 because the rockscene in Ludvika, Dalarna, Sweden really sucked. The band became retards of rock and wanted to make great tunes with less tricks than other bands used. Later in 87 the bass-player moved and was shifted with a new vital force. Matte and Micke said goodbye to Hazzle and hello to Kempa. As a trio they played on for another 5 years, made demo tapes and gained good reviews from undergorund press. But still there was something missing in the concept, so they asked another guitarist to join them. The year was 1992 and his name was Bempa and he was kinda cute and young looking.... A retarded guitarist who only could play 3 chord wonders at volume 11 and that was it, quite enough for Hymans. And now Micke could concentrate o what he was doing best- the singing. Single released by the Bootleg Booze Records label in 2000.


A Great Nite For A Burglary

B Carbona Not Glue



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