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HIGHER STATE, THE - From Round Here


Sello: Teen Sound


THE HIGHER STATE are more than just a garage group. As A matter of fact this fine UK outfit not only includes two members of the famous mid 90's Folk-garagers The Mystreated, but has released one of the finest debut albums ever in this field. Mixing Texas Garage Punk and Psychedelia,acoustic and electric,punky and psych-out originals that are worth your time and money. Now up to their 3rd album these guys'fine debut stands are a real milestone you ought have in your collection. So act fast,while it lasts!


A1 Every Word

A2 Not This Time (My Friend)

A3 Look Around

A4 Highlife

A5 Don't Think I'm Lost

A6 Van Gogh (It's Art Man)

A7 Ballad Of A Loner

B1 Cos You're Wrong

B2 I Don't Know Why I

B3 Advertisement

B4 So You Say You Lost Your Baby

B5 From 'Round Here

B6 Yeah For Sure

B7 Nothing You Can Say



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