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HANK BALLARD AND THE MIDNIGHTERS - Hank Ballard & The Midnighter

WAXTIME 772091

Sello: Wax Time


This quintessential release features Marty Robbins’ most celebrated album, originally issued on the Columbia label: "Gunfighter Ballads" and "Trail Songs" (1959). With his cowboy albums, Robbins helped keep western music alive during the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, and the warm, affectionate spirit of this music illustrates why. Here you will find such country favorites as “El Paso,” “Big Iron” and “Cool Water,” as well as classic versions of “Streets of Laredo” and “ Billy the Kid,” among other western standards. These songs are about work, love, travel, death, the beauty of the American West, and living life on your own terms (and paying the price for it). Robbins’ subjectis mostly the West of myth and movie, which benefits from his ability as a storyteller – most of the tracks may tell tales heard or seen 100 times onscreen, but he makes listeners feel like this is the first time they’re hearing them, creating the excitement and anticipation of a poet in the middle of a spellbinding recital. This sensational album has been remastered and packaged in this very special collector’s edition, which also includes 4 bonus tracks from the same period.

A1 Open Up The Back Door

A2 In The Doorway Crying

A3 Oh So Happy

A4 Let 'Em Roll

A5 E Bosta Cosi

A6 Stay By My Side

A7 The Twist

B1 Daddy's Little Baby

B2 Partners For Life

B3 Is Your Love For Real

B4 What Made You Change Your Mind

B5 Let Me Hold Your Hand

B6 Early One Morning

B7 Henry's Got Flat Feet (Can't Dance No More)