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¿Eres un Mod o un Rocker? La historia de Los Mockers

Sello: Chelsea Ediciones


Julio Montero and Esteban Hirschfeld

The Mockers are legends. True pioneers in the last frontier of rock back in the sixties. Mythology of the pop era. Getting hold of an electric guitar or a Rolling Stones album in Montevideo in those years was almost mission impossible. And yet, these five guys were able to produce one of the best beat albums of all time, with their own songs that have nothing to envy to the most inspired groups of the British Invasion. In this book two of the founding members of the band, Julio Montero and Esteban Hirschfeld, narrate the lost history of the Uruguayan group. Naive, exciting and fast-paced as any of their songs. A record of the birth of Rock in South America. With all of you, the History of Los Mockers.