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DIRTY COAL TRAIN, THE - Portuguese Freakshow


Sello: Groovie records


During the years between their childhood and adulthood they dreamed of and hoped to enter the restricted group of chosen creators getting stuck in the clutches of the distance and desolate winds of their native land.

For the past seven years, they have independently traveled the lands and habitats of the selected few, meeting countless artisans of the creative process with whom they shared their love and commitment to art (sometimes for this very same reason they were called “amateurs”) and learned that they were trying to incarnate what was, for them, a distant and meaningless word. So, they chose to walk this parallel world where they were accepted as equals, away from a world that separates recognized creators from amateurs … the “chosen ones” from the freaks !

Includes covers of original songs by: Residents, Richard & the Young Lions, The Standells, Marti Barris, The Animals and Beat Happening.

Double LP released by Groovie Records and Garagem Records.

Recorded at Golden Pony, Lisbon and Estudio King, Barreiro.

Artwork : Olaf Jens. Produced by Ricardo Ramos and Beatriz Rodrigues.


A1 Miller Riding Shotgun

A2 Fake Blues For Captain Orange

A3 Evil Monkey Dance

A4 Jim Stark's Kicks

A5 Cactus

A6 Haunted House Of El Chincaburro

A7 Juvenile Delinquent

A8 Cancel The World

A9 Feast Of The Mau Mau

A10 D'lana's Thunderpussy

A11 Subway Riders - Hey Lovers

B1 Summer Asphalt

B2 Open Up Your Door

B3 Billy J

B4 Aniquiladores Intergalácticos

B5 Tarantella

B6 Smallest Paws

B7 Radio Friendly Filter

B8 Ghost Highway

B9 Perfect Love / My Second Wife

C1 Lone Ranger

C2 Jesus Loves...

C3 Good Guys Dont Wear White

C4 Eulogy For Tod Browning

C5 Catherine

C6 Samouco Landscape

C7 Cuntilicious

C8 Ahbe Casabe (Eden Ahbez)

C9 Technocrats Of Mora Tau


D1 Inside Looking Out

D2 Death Valley North Star

D3 Night Of The Chincaburro

D4 Squealer's Parade

D5 Drugstore

D6 Bewitched

D7 Candy Corn

D8 Of Wolves And Hunters



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