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091 - Debajo de las piedras


Sello: Sony Music


All the contradictions of the time lurked in the 091 of the second half of the eighties. The tension between some wild and vigorous songs and a company determined to domesticate them, the mutual misunderstanding between the artists and the incipient industry, the national distrust of rock. Nothing helped pave the way for the Granada gang, but reason was on their side. That is why in those years in which 091 recorded for Zafiro they lit up many of the best compositions of their career, and quite possibly some of the most emblematic of a not exactly unproductive time.

In 1988, 091 released his third LP Debajo de las Piedras, an album with eleven songs. These new songs have a much smoother sound, although they are recognizable and identifiable from the first moment. They continue with the usual guitar, bass, drums and, sometimes, harmonica, but this time everything sounds much less powerful and resounding, more focusing on the pop side of the group than on the electricity of the previous work.

Todo lo que quiero hacer
Un día de lluvia
Música para las penas
Demasiados escalones
Debajo de las piedras
La torre de la vela
El sur
Sólo tú (haces que me sienta bien)
A mí con esas
Los cuernos del caracol
Si hay tormenta




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