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CRAWLIES, THE - Crawling Back To You


Sello: Sweet Grooves records



The Crawlies are a rock'n'roll band on their own site and without nuance. It goes without saying.

And for those who don't know them, it should be made clear that they play many styles and all of them well. Classic rock 'n' roll, power pop, new wave, punk (the real kind, from '77), etc.

On this EP they dive into the first of their favourites. Garage rock, of course. The pure garage rock of a lifetime. The real thing. Without colourings, additives or unnecessary updates. Without impostures. Just garage. 1966 again. 1966, yes. And if anyone wonders, is it really 1966 again? I answer that yes, if it were up to this writer, IT WOULD BE 1966 FOREVER.

When you listen to "You decide", "That's why you lie" or "Back to the blank days" with its vibratos, its echoes, its (wonderful) Fuzz, its Farfisa, its urgent and deliciously basic rhythms, its mixture of melancholy and fury, it's as if you were at the door of Pandora's Box on Sunset St, or in the car park of a local mid-class suburb of a small Midwestern American city with a beer in your hand, on a Friday night of that golden and rabid 1966; that Rock'n'roll Fantasy that we all dreamed about when we were eighteen, nineteen years old. That we're still dreaming about.

Who needs more, who wants supposedly innovative updates (it's all been fucking invented), or cessions that lead nowhere? Proud garage. 1966 forever. That's the idea, that's the spirit, that's what these songs are. New, because they're from now. But as classic and unmistakable as if they had been recorded by a band from Pittsburgh (the good kind, mind you...) 55 years ago.

The fourth song, "Last tear", is a reminder and proof of what we said at the beginning. The Crawlies do many things and all of them well. This song is not Garage Rock but a glorious example of true Power Pop. The first kind, the authentic kind, the kind that has always been and always will be; giving a real blowout to all that rubbish that tries to take advantage of the label without really knowing what it's all about. Melodic rock and roll, powerful guitars, perfect harmonies. That Power Pop that makes you feel sad and happy at the same time. That makes you thank I-don't-know-what or I-don't-know-who for being alive and, at the same time, makes you ready to fight with the whole world.

You are seventeen years old. Girls don't listen to you, beer is cheap, the outskirts of the city have weird lights, Friday nights last a thousand years and the world sounds like this.

Electric guitars and sad, fast-paced melodies. To rock 'n' roll. To The Crawlies. A.J. Bernal

A1. You decide

A2. That’s why you lie

B1. Back to the blank days

B2. Last tears



Para escuchar el disco y más información, visita la página.