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CHICOS, LOS - 20 Years of Shakin'Fat...


Sello: Folc


20 years of Los Chicos rock-piled in 23 pub rock, garage rock n' roll shakers!! Los Chicos have been together for 20 years now. They’ve built through sweat and parties a country-punk-rock-soul-garage-gospel extra tight machine full of Stiff’s pub fun madness that has blown out venues all over the world. What´s so funny about pub rock, greasy food & calimocho? Those reasons are the driving force behind Los Chicos, the kings of the party, and their goal is none other than fun, fun, fun!!! Pub Rock, Punk, Garage seasoned with a bit of Country, Soul, R&B ??? It doesn´t matter how you name it... it´s all about having fun, and enjoying stomach full of grilled pork ear and squid well watered with calimocho. That is what you will find on this album that you have in your hands. Long live Los Chicos!

A1 We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit

A2 The Price

A3 Equation Of Love

A4 Rock N Roll Ring

A5 I Hate Silence

A6 War Or Party

B1 A Kingdom Of Coolness

B2 Beer Ain't Drinking

B3 Vision

B4 Party Boogie

B5 Shake Your Body

B6 Wrecking Rome

C1 Restless Noise

C2 Muddy Muddy

C3 Rockanrolla

C4 I Don't Wanna Learn

C5 Sheep Attack

C6 I Love Jay

D1 Living Legends

D2 Headphones

D3 Tomorrow's Another Day

D4 Party Train

D5 Nothing



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