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BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE, THE - The Bonniwell Music Machine

RGM 0970

Sello: Real Gone Music


The Music Machine were renamed the Bonniwell Music Machine when they went to Warner Bros., as the original lineup disbanded at some point, leaving only chief singer and songwriter Sean Bonniwell. Much of the material on Warner, however, was recorded by the original group, and this album was pasted together from some singles (some of which had appeared on Original Sound in 1967) and other tracks, both by the original incarnation and a second outfit that was pretty much a Sean Bonniwell solo vehicle. Accordingly, the tone of the album is pretty uneven, but much of the material is excellent. In fact, some of the songs rate among their best; a few are also found on the Rhino anthology, but other first-rate tunes ("Bottom of the Soul," "Talk Me Down," "The Trap") are not.

A1. Astrologically Incompatible

A2. Double Yellow Line

A3. The Day Today

A4. Absolutely Positively

A5. Somethin Hurtin on Me

A6. The Trap

A7. Soul Love

B1. Bottom of the Soul

B2. Talk Me Down

B3. The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly

B4. I’ve Loved You

B5. Affirmative No

B6. Discrepancy

B7. Me, Myself, and I




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