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BLACK DIAMONDS, THE - I Want, Need, Love You


Sello: Solution


One of the most powerful, angst-drenched 45s to come out of Australia EVER!!! This 1966 monster has EVERYTHING - pounding drums, AS Oloman's manic high pitched guitar - the driving, Entwistle-style bass and those strained, emotive vocals made this a regional hit and was only the b-side! The band came from Lithgow, New South Wales, quickly establishing themselves as the best act around, earning a deal with Festival Records and were about from 1965 until 1971, but only had two singles out unfortunately. They evolved into Tymepiece in 1967, moving into a more progressive sound, but left this behind thankfully on it's first official reissue. Made with full blessing from the band, this ace 45 comes in specially made company paper sleeves in wavy tops.


A I Want, Need, Love You

B See The Way




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