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BEATLES, THE - Let it be



Let It Be is the latest studio album released by the band. It has been a controversial album from its inception: once they stopped playing live in 1966 due to the inability to capture their music on stage, the Beatles set out to record an album to play one last live concert, perhaps at a boat or in a public place. Therefore, the recording sessions of the album (which at that time was called Get Back, alluding to the return to the rock roots of the group) began to be filmed, in 1969, by the filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg. The rehearsals were tense, with constant discussions between the members of the group, which from their previous albums denoted an increasingly worse and more hostile coexistence between them.

01. One After 909
02. Rocker
03. Save the Last Dance for Me
04. Don't Let Me Down
05. Dig a Pony
06. I've Got a Feeling
07. Get Back
08. For You Blue
09. Teddy Boy
10. Two of Us
11. Maggie Mae
12. Dig It
13. Let It Be
14. The Long and Winding Road
15. Get Back




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