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BEACH BOYS, THE - Surfin' Safari

DOK 325

Sello: Doxy music


Reissue of their debut album in 1962. A total of twelve songs, on side A they meet their first two singles "Surfin" and "Surfin 'Safari" and on side B alternate takes from their 1961 and 1962 sessions. at the Candix Studio.

Side A:

01. Surfin' Safari
02. County Fair
03. Ten Little Indians
04. Chug-A-Lug
05. Little Miss America
06. 409
07. Surfin'
08. Heads You Win—Tails I Love
09. Summertime Blues
10. Cuckoo Clock
11. Moon Dawg
12. The Shift

Side B:

01. Land Ahoy
02. Cindy, Oh Cindy
03. Barbie
04. What Is A Young Girl Made Of
05. Surfin' Safari (Candix Session)
06. Surfer Girl (Candix Master)
07. Judy (Candix Session)
08. Karate (Candix Session)
09. Surfin' (First Attempt)
10. Luau (First Attempt)
11. Lavender (Demo)




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