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BARBARAS, THE - 2006-2008


Sello: Goner


"...One thing they didn’t do? Record an album. Although they tried. Jay Reatard recorded them in fits and starts between touring, but after taking two Barbaras (Hayes and Pope) for his road band and touring constantly over the next few years, the group flamed out. The Magic Kids formed in their wake. When Hayes and Pope eventually left Reatard’s band and joined Wavves, he told them that he erased all of the Barbaras recordings.

In 2011, Goner was excited to find the sessions safe and sound right where Reatard had left them, on his digital recorder. Alicja Trout helped the band finish recording and mixing the tracks, and when paired with their own recordings (plus some heavy-duty work from Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering) it was clear their legacy held more than just a great (and now out-of-print) single. There’s a Barbaras album after all—and it’s a doozy."

A1 Day At The Shrine

A2 Heaven Hangs

A3 Grief Touches Everyone

A4 Topsy Turvy Magic

A5 Superball

A6 Only One

A7 Breathing Underwater

B1 Devour The Jungle Deer

B2 Grey Eggs

B3 Flow

B4 Why Should I Love You?

B5 Bluebirds

B6 How Many Times

B7 Summertime Road

B8 Annual Botanical



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