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Sello: Madmua records


Fernando Martínez Sancho (bass and solo singer), Mariano Pérez Clemente, ‘Maren’ (lead guitar and vocals), Luis Miguel Sala Mut (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Agustín Barril (drums) are responsible for this sonic gem. A band formed in the Barcelona neighborhood of La Ribera, born in 1962 as Los Spektros for their admiration of the Shadows, and which was renamed with its definitive name by radiophonist Luis Arribas Castro (Luarca). They left the aforementioned single as the only testimony of their talent, with 'Acción' on side A and 'Mil tears' on side B, recorded at the Casino de l'Aliança del Poble Nou and published by Sonoplay in 1967. (Almost) Nothing was known of an album considered one of the holy grails of music lovers; a rarity that, like a unicorn, appears very rarely. Impossible not to be moved by that outburst of garage and psychedelia entitled ‘Action’, vibrant and effervescent, with that hodgepodge of distorted guitars, contagious fuzz and hypnotic bongos. A meat hymn from referential compilations such as ‘Andergraun Vibrations’ and ‘Algo Salvaje’.


This reissue of 450 numbered copies is enriched with two songs that they recorded on the basses of the Alberdi Musical House in Barcelona, ​​when they were still the Spektros. An open reel tape, of which we have recovered two versions that no other Spanish group of the 60s released: the blues of 'Little red roooster', by Willie Dixon, also revisited by the Rolling Stones, and 'The night before 'by the Beatles. They clinch an epé that is accompanied by a diptych that delves into his entire career and by a postcard signed by Maren Perez, the composer of ‘Acción’ and ‘A thousand tears’.


A1 Acción

A2 Mil Lágrimas

B1 Little Red Rooster

B2 The Night Before




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