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BABOON SHOW, THE - Damnation


Sello: Kidnap Music


The Baboon Show have since day one delivered the kind of punk rock that feels like being hit in your face. The music is served best live, with a couple of beers in your body and in a sweaty, small, and packed venue.

As a live experience it is not a problem to go all in and put the pedal to the metal. But on an album it can be. On Damnation The Baboon Show delivers energetic and noisy songs as usual, but it’s over way to fast. 10 tracks in 27 minutes feels….. a little like a piss in the ocean to be accurate. The album contains way too few songs to sing along with. And even if there’s a punk nerve with political messages, the album is just too short to establish that feeling of joy or anger before it’s all over.

With this album The Baboon Show have a new bass player in Frida Ståhl from La Puma. That boasts very well for the future and the music feels both sharper and harder with her behind the strings.

A1 The Shame

A2 Wake Up

A3 High Five With The Guys

A4 The History

A5 Damnation

B1 Lobby Boy

B2 Jesus

B3 Is There A Better Way

B4 Straight From The Heart

B5 Break Another Finger



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