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Sello: Elefant records


The new AXOLOTES MEXICANOS album. The busy schedules of the band members (CAROLINA DURANTE, CONFETTI DE ODIO, TEMERARIO MARIO, Stephen Please, NO FUCKS, etc) have made them wait, but we can tell you that it was worth it. Because ": 3" (two points, three) dares with everything. It is a leap forward, an impulsive foray into which anything can count. Styles, sounds, stories. For all this, the new album by Olaya, Juan, Lucas, Mario and Stephen is a true musical whirlwind, a journey that overflows with energy on all sides, even the unaffordable.

Thirteen songs that put in solfa many of the directions of pop and rock music of the last decades, that show us a band that maintains its energy, its self-confidence and its irreverence intact, but that knows how to manage with intelligence and skill a maturity that the little leg is sticking out. Because, we will not tire of saying it, MEXICAN AXOLOTES have been, and will be, the germ of many things.

A1 Opening

A2 Cara De Idiota

A3 Vergüenza

A4 Verano En Espiral

A5 Que Te Pires

A6 Cuando_Estoy_Contigo.mp3

A7 Oshare Kei

B1 No Sé Si Llamarte

B2 Te Quiero (...)

B3 Gotelé

B4 Quiero Que Vengas

B5 De Aquí A Un Año

B6 Ending



Para escuchar el disco y más información, visita la página.