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Sello: Family Spree


You have in your hands the third album, “Stop & Go” by the Barcelona quartet Autos Detroit, a group with a very personal vision of what powerpop is, taking it beyond the usual boundaries of the genre.

Formed in 2009, and with experience behind them (Barbara Stann, Crápulas, Poble Sex ...) since the magical 80s, we are talking about a formation whose members are living a second youth, having become one of the reference formations of the conaisseurs of powerpop. In 2014 they released “Startup Completed” and in 2016 “Second Best”, both self-published.

With "Stop & Go" they add another stage to their uncompromising musical journey, in which they dare with almost everything. Pedro Pasamontes (composition, guitar and vocals), Lluís Molina (guitar and vocals), Xavi León (bass and vocals) and César Hernández (drums, percussion and vocals) offer us a cocktail where influences from Big Star and Raspberries can be heard, from the best Electric Light Orchestra, the Plimsouls and The Beat, but where psychedelia, crooner ballads and even the garage also fit. These guys have listened to a lot of music, from the 60s to the 90s, and it shows in their songs.

A1 Ran Into You

A2 Sunshine Girl

A3 I Want You

A4 My Point Of View

A5 Be Yourself

A6 September

B1 These Songs

B2 My Secret

B3 Doll's House

B4 Spacewalk

B5 On The Road



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