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ASTEROID NO. 4, THE - Under My Umbrella

HYP 15

Sello: Hypnotic Bridge


On the Asteroid No.4's new single on Hypnotic Bridge Records, and at the request of the label's owner, curator, and long time friend Stu Pope, the A4 jumped back into the heyday of Psychedelic music's first wave. Employing the prerequisite ADT vocal recording, Leslie speakers, Mellotron, Harpsichord, and of course backward guitars, the band looks to revered artists like the Pretty Things Tomorrow, and the Moody Blues as their guides through the sounds identified with that of 1967 London.

Although it's easy to reference 1960s London as the musical inspiration for the band's new single, it was actually their home in Northern California that provided both the lyrical and visual direction. San Francisco, with its rich Victorian vernacular and it's idyllic countryside found to the north of the bay (where the band resides) inspired both sides of this single.

To capture that vibe, the band once again turned to one of their favorite graphic designers/collage artists, Andrew McGranahan, to develop the cover art. The Asteroid No.4's Scott Vitt says, "we've been going to Andrew for a while now to design show posters, etc and just love his ability to arrange vintage imagery and color into something completely modern. That just seemed perfect for what we were hoping to achieve with the overall concept of the single. He's also right here in California and works with a lot of other groups were fond of in both LA and SF".


A Under My Umbrella

B The Seventh Moon





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