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ANGRY SAMOANS - Back From The Grave


Sello: Gas Chamber Records


2 x 1 on this fantastic vinyl of Angry Samoans, their first two LPs collected for the enjoyment of their fans in this compilation, "Inside My Brain" (1980) and Back From Samoa (1982) both released on the Bad Trip Records label. . One face for each of these wild jobs full of energy, decibels, speed, incorrectness, immaturity and high doses of stupidity. Are you punk ?, Can you resist?


A1 Right Side Of My Mind

A2 Gimme Sopor

A3 Hot Cars

A4 Inside My Brain

A5 You Stupid Asshole

A6 Get Off The Air

A7 My Old Man's A Fatso

A8 Carson Girls

A9 I'm A Pig


B1 Gas Chamber

B2 The Todd Killings

B3 Lights Out

B4 My Old Man's A Fatso

B5 Time Has Come Today

B6 They Saved Hitler's Cock

B7 Homo-Sexual

B8 Steak Knife

B9 Haizman's Brain Is Calling

B10 Tuna Taco

B11 Coffin Case

B12 You Stupid Jerk

B13 Ballad Of Jerry Curlan

B14 Not Of This Earth



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