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ALGARA - Absortos En El Tedio Eterno


Sello: La Vida Es Un Mus


News from the front: ALGARA's first LP is here. From Barcelona, the land where the CNT-FAI shined in 1936, now the anarchist bombs explode again through the twelve tracks of "Absortos en el Tedio Eterno". Ever wondered what would have happened if the RONDOS and CRASS had joined forces at the Conway Hall or if AVIADOR DRO and ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO never had a couple of judo kicks and the four started a new band? Well, then you are close to imagining how ALGARA sounds. At times sparse militant punk a la CRISIS/ FALLOUT filtered thru the KGB/ SINIESTRO TOTAL machine. At times minimal synthetic idealist anthems, but always revolutionary, forward thinking, and making the sound their own. The anonymous collective self recorded "Absortos en el Tedio Eterno" in a Barcelona squat while engaging in their agitprop campaigns. With songs about poor working conditions, the constant evictions, youth unemployment, and a city consumed by tourism and other forms of gentrification, the LP is a cold call to arms for today’s political punk.

The LP sleeve shows members of the collective at one of their rendezvous point looking cool. Comes with an A2 double sided poster, 14 page Manual for Sound Guerrilla booklet and a sticker.

A1 Otra Generación Más

A2 Víctimas

A3 Tedio Eterno

A4 Tipos Listos

A5 Todo Me Da Igual

A6 Hedonistas

B1 Expulsados

B2 Paso Al Frente

B3 Máquina, Cuerpo, Soga

B4 Economía

B5 Una Cosa Más Sin Sentido Alguno

B6 M-1937



Para escuchar el disco y más información, visita la página.