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1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE - Unfinished Business (The Toilet Tapes)

CALP 2030

Sello: Cacophone


What we have here is a mixed bag of songs never released, combined with unreleased versions of songs that are totally different from the released versions. Some of these are demo versions. Others are rehearsal versions. And some are killer live versions.

Accordingly, the recording quality is also all over the map here from hi-fi to lo-fi and everywhere in between. The material on this record represents several different lineups which makes it interesting. Throughout the years, even when they added a second guitar player, 1313 Mockingbird Lane manage to maintain the stripped-down rock-and-roll feel. As you will hear, they tear it up!

So, Turn It Up, and, as Bo Diddley once advised, my radio listeners: Sit Back and Relax and Get Ahold Of Yourself!


A1. Monkey Cage Girl

A2. Things Aren't Like They Were Before

A3. Gonna Make You Mine

A4. Road Runner2

A5. When I Get Drunk

A6. Teenage Frankenstein

B1. Queen Bitch

B2. Bye Bye Johnny

B3. She's Got A Werewolf in Her Pants

B4. One Ugly Child

B5. Georgette

B6. Laughing Gas

B7. Monkey Cage Girl - Live



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